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Will there be Vikings season seven? This is a question you and other fans of this historical drama Tv series are asking themselves. Therefore, today we will inform you whether there will be a season seven or not. Continue reading to learn more.

About Vikings

Michael Hirst wrote the script of this television drama series. Vikings season one’s release was on 3rd March 2013 and the sixth season’s release date was on 30th December 2020. This is ahead of its supposed premiere date between 1st January 2021 and 3rd March 2021.

Filming of this historical drama and action-adventure television series was in Ireland. Since season one to six (a) Vikings was airing on History. History is a channel in Canada. But the airing of the second part or part b of season six will be on Prime Video also known as Amazon Prime Video.

However, if you don’t have a subscription on Amazon Prime Video, you will have to wait till 1st January 2021 to watch the final part of the sixth season on History. The episodes will be airing every week as before.

Release Date of Vikings Season 7

We are very sorry to inform you that there will be no Vikings season seven. This is official communication by Michael Hirst, the series’ creator. They will introduce a sequel to this Tv drama series known as Vikings: Valhalla.

Michael Hirst and Jeb Stuart will be the creators of Valhalla. It will air on Netflix, and as per reports the series is in the making, and its release will be communicated. If we get any news about Valhalla’s release date to be sure you will be the first to know.

The Plot

The inspiration of this Tv history drama series was by Norsemen stories from Scandinavia in the dark ages. Vikings base its storyline on Ragnar Lothbrok a famous Norse hero but were known to cause trouble and suffering to people in his territory.

In the start of the series, Lothbrok was an ordinary farmer who goes to the helm of leadership (King of Scandinavia) by attacking England. This was achievable due to his immense support from fellow Scandinavia warriors and his family.

The series plot mostly bases on Ragnar’s son’s adventure in other regions like Mediterranean, North America, England, Russia, and Scandinavia.

Vikings Cast

Vikings Season 7

Vikings cast

Who are the notable characters on Vikings? This section will inform you about all the main casts of this historical drama Tv series.

  • Travis Fimmel – Since the first to the fourth season Travis was the lead character (Ragnar Lothbrok). This is after the death of Ragnar in season four.
  • Katheryn Winnick – Known as Lagertha in the series. Winnick was the wife later ex-wife to Ragnar. Also, she was once a Queen of Kattegat.
  • Clive Standen – In the series Clive’s name is Rollo. Rollo was the first Normandy leader. Clive was a fearless Norsemen warrior. He features from season one to four and makes an appearance in season five.
  • Gustaf Skarsgard – Floki is Gustaf’s name in Vikings. According to the Landnamabok Floki went to Iceland by sailing and became the first Norseman to do so.
  • Jessalyn Gilsig – Siggy is the name of Gilsig in the series. Siggy’s appearance has been from season one to three.

These are the main cast on Vikings. There are many more such as Gabriel Bryne, George Blagden, Donal Logue, and many others.

They are part of this series, making it one of the best as per IMDB ratings.

Reason Why There Will be No Vikings Season 7

I know you might be asking yourself why will be there no season seven? You are not alone, but I’m also wondering why the series is ending.

But as per my research, many Vikings fans consider its ending due to the Vikings leader Ragnar Lothbrok. This took place in the fourth season, but since then the series ratings declined drastically.

But in my opinion, the Tv series shouldn’t end in such a manner. It has left me and you in a limbo. But let’s wait for its sequel Valhalla which is in the making. I hope it will be as enticing as Vikings.

Why Some Critics Cite Inaccuracies in the Tv Series

Yes! This is true some Viking’s critics have expressed some historical inaccuracies. As per Lars Walker on The American Spectator, he said that Earl Haraldson’s leadership was made to be autocratic, but its history states that Earl’s government was democratic.

Lars was not the only one to criticise Viking’s storyline, but many others have raised issues with the Tv series.


For sure Vikings has been one of the best historical drama and action-adventure Tv series. Unfortunately, season six is the final season, and we will have to wait for its sequel Valhalla. Until official release date of Valhalla adios.