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Find out more about the snowflake test in this given article. The article here shares exclusive facts about the snowflake test and every little detail about it. The new online snowflake test (Feb 2022) is conducted to find the right candidates for vacant positions. This test facilitates the company to hire deserving candidates. Keep reading to know more.

Kyle S.Reyes, the CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, is the developer of the Snowflake test. His aim was to identify the self-righteous and self-confident people during the course of an interview in the company. People from all over the world including countries like the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia are very curious to know more about this online test.

More about the online Snowflake Test

This test was originally designed by the well-recognized CEO Kyle S.Reyes of Silent Parker Marketing, with the intent of designing a unique test for interviewers globally. This test will help in filtering out those overconfident candidates who often have the misconception that they are the best and even better than the people sitting across the table. The test goes by the phrase “Do you want to crack snowflake certification? Enroll now  for Mindmajix’s Snowflake Training  and get Certified.”

So what led to the development of this test?

The developer and the mastermind behind this test, Kyle. S. Reyes, being tired of the current time-consuming, lengthy interviewing process and not finding the correct person for the position, found this very hectic, so he decided to come up with the Snowflake test Online.

The snowflake test is a set of 30 series questions on sensitive topics such as patriotism, work ethics, faith, and salary.

What does the term “Snowflake” refer to?

According to the CEO of the Silent Partner Marketing, the term “snowflake” is generally used to define the type of people who usually whine and complain about everything while being the most incompetent person out there who is lacking in skills and has a small outlook with immense attitude and inferior personality.

A huge number of employees and applicants get filtered out before the actual interview even starts due to this online snowflake test. The majority of applicants weed out when they find out about the fact that they are going to undergo this online test. This is the reason why many companies and employers are now using this process of conducting the snowflake test before the interview when hiring new candidates for various positions.

The intent of the Online Snowflake Test

After careful observation of the pattern of the test, we think the purpose of the online snowflake test is as follows:

  • Overconfident and self-centered people always have this feeling that they are right and ignore the people around them. They do not consider the opinions of others and feel entitled and think no one around them is better than them.
  • Their toxic mentality can affect the company and its progress.
  • They do not believe in teamwork while the company’s success is directly related to the teamwork of the employees.
  • They fail to be productive since they don’t take others’ opinions into account.
  • Pessimistic people can affect the environment of the working space.

These are the primary intent of the Snowflake Test Online.

Even though the majority of questions were not irrelevant, they still got many critics all around the world.

Is the snowflake test efficient and beneficial for the company and the employers?

According to the claims of Silent Partner Marketing, the companies have been successful in filtering out the majority of the applicants and employees by the use of the Snowflake Online Test and have therefore aided the company in choosing talented applicants who are worthy and deserving of the position.

Despite its usefulness, the snowflake test has earned a huge amount of criticism from employers after it was displayed all across the news. This online test asks questions that are appropriate for the position and are in fact quite relevant but one of the downsides of the test is that it never asks any questions about the political views and the religious views which were supposed to have their fair share. Though the employers value the culture and mental fitness of the applicant when hiring them for the designated positions within the company, the fact that this test excludes and filters out many rightful candidates based on their personal beliefs is also true and is a major drawback of the test. That is why the questions should be set accordingly and carefully.  Keep reading to know more details about this test.

Question patterns of the snowflake test

People are very curious about the pattern and the type of questions that are asked in this test. So what are these questions that interviewers deem necessary to ask the candidates? Here is a list is given below:

  • What do you think “being privileged” means?
  • What are your thoughts on the term “faith”?
  • What does ” normal breakfast ” mean to you?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • What comes to your mind when you hear the word “police”?
  • What’s your favorite drink in a coffee shop?
  • How do you feel when your idea is rejected?
  • Who is your role model and why?
  • How do you handle bullies?

Downsides of the Snowflake Online Test

While the test helps the interviewer to identify and sort out candidates for the position in their company, it has its own sets of problems that need to be worked upon. Since this test mainly questions and focuses on the beliefs and faith of the applicant, it can miss out on selecting the right and talented candidate for the position. A similar result can be obtained by encouraging and bringing positive change in the mindset of the employees. Since it’s an online test, the people who are taking the test may lie and fake their answers and hence mislead the interviewer into choosing the wrong person with a completely different personality. If people with similar mindsets work together, there won’t be any challenges and hence will never lead to the improvement of the individual and the team as a whole.


There is no doubt that the test is unique with its own sets of advantages and drawbacks. What are your thoughts on this test? Do you think interviewers should use this test to select their employees?