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The mythical world created by the genius of the pen – J.R.R Tolkien immerses us in a universe full of adventures and stories. This is absolute escapism. A world where everyone can find what they are looking for. The magnificent work of J. R. R. Tolkien combines heroic romance and science fiction. This is an exciting adventure novel and, at the same time, a book full of deep wisdom. Alternately comic and domestic, then epic, and sometimes even terrifying, the narrative passes through endless changes of beautifully described scenes and characters.

The basis of this story is the struggle for the Ring of Power, which accidentally fell into the hands of the hobbit Bilbo Torbin. People love this story because of its nobility, simplicity, and wisdom. And we understand them. Millions of fans around the world try to recreate the plot, and the atmosphere of Middle-earth’s main incredible characters, and for some time hide from earthly worries and plunge into the world of warmth, sincerity, and friendship.

The author of the book is no less an interesting figure than the plot itself.

The English writer loved languages since childhood. As a teenager, he developed his artificial language – Nafarin. Its elements became the basis of the languages of Tolkien’s fictional world. He created at least 15 Elvish languages. The writer worked on some of them for more than 60 years. John Tolkien never considered the writer’s craft as the main form of income, he wrote more for the soul and for his children. It is because of this that the story turned out to be as comfortable as possible. Movies and books make it clear that the most powerful Ring that rules them all is worn in the most extraordinary and pivotal situations. Such circumstances also happen in life, when you need a special trump card in the form of a luxurious, impressive, and thematic gift. Let’s not forget that we have all gathered here to discuss something intimate and, at first glance, difficult – a gift for true fans of the franchise. Why is it difficult? You never know where to get ideas for gifts for fans of a certain world, if you are not one yourself. That’s why we’re here to help you!

A wall art

And although a poster or a picture may seem like a rather banal option at first glance, in fact, it is not like that at all. For example, giving a real map of middle earth to a true fan is quite a surprise and a lot of emotions: it is styled in an antique style, with vintage paper, and an original image! To hang such a picture in the room will be an honor for every devoted fan, believe us. It is possible to order a picture in a single size or in a multi-panel form: three-panel pictures are very suitable for a spacious place – this is the ideal number of images, they are often called a triptych, where one picture is divided into three equal parts. What do we have? Satisfied fan and stylish interior design.

A cup

An incredibly pleasant gift for your friends is guaranteed! Just imagine: you take a cup with your favorite heroes, turn on garlands or candles, pour a cup of freshly brewed fragrant tea, and turn on one of the trilogies to immerse yourself in the world where you know everything so well. Where there is no daily bustle, running around, and worries. Where there is only you, your warm feelings, and the taste of travel. It will also be incredible to choose a ceramic thermal cup. The print on the cup appears after a hot drink gets into it. Isn’t it magic?

3. Gift box

The contents of the box can be both a surprise and carefully selected especially for you and your friends. For example, the box itself can be stylistically decorated in a medieval style, a branded postcard in an envelope with an engraving and Gandalf’s seal can be waiting for the lucky person in the box, a small model of the map with Mount Erebor will lie quietly in the envelope and wait for it to be seen – for ardent and real seekers adventures and travels A golden single ring will be glorified on a golden pendant, which will beckon with its charms and powers to all who look at it, not to mention those who wear it. Also, you can put a real fragrant tea from the hobbits in the box to warm you on a winter and autumn day with its warm flavor and, of course, the Lord of the Rings trilogy of books. I believe that any fan will not remain indifferent to these gifts.

4. Etc.

We agree, you don’t always need a whole Hobbit or LOTR gift set. Sometimes you can’t do without a symbolic, but no less stylish and thematic souvenir. Some kind of anniversary, birthdays, holidays at home, at work and school, a meeting with a friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time – in all these situations, an aesthetic box with a small present will help and cheer you up. You will be rumored like Gandalf. He also appeared at the celebration at the most unexpected moment with a bunch of fireworks to arrange the brightest celebration. The effect will be no worse from your gifts.

For example, the following options are also available separately from the boxes:

  1. Lord of the Rings T-shirts;
  2. Red Book;
  3. cup;

If your friend or boyfriend/girlfriend goes hiking or travels, a round flask with a mirror surface and double-sided engraving will please them.

A Lord of the Rings t-shirt is like an elf cloak to a traveler, only in our world. A truly universal present, just like the clothes themselves. It is in every person’s wardrobe. Add to that one of the many unique prints developed by our designers to be sure – such a thing will really hit the fan in the heart.

Most of all in the world hobbits value comfort and when everything goes as they thought. Believe me, we fully support them in this matter. Adventures are good everywhere, except for those moments related to the service. Therefore, with TexelPrintArt store, you will not have any problems or unclear situations. Just a couple of clicks on the website separate you from ordering a gift before an important date.

Let’s remember that the best gift is not evaluated by its value, but by its very presence, this is what we live for: to bring joy to each other, to give a piece of our warmth and heart. Things are just a tool that helps us show our sincere feelings. Therefore, let’s take advantage of this and give our loved ones something that cannot be bought – love, care, and attention.