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It’s almost two years since the wise man’s season one anime was released, and fans are getting worried about the upcoming season two. Since the time of its debut, the anime has been continued to attract otakus across the world. Regardless of overwhelming performance, silver link studio is yet to announce the comeback of the anticipated sequel.

About Wise Man’s Grandchild

Even though the studio did not declare the cancellation of the series, the delay could indicate that fans will not be able to have season two of the Kenja No Mago Season. Will there possible chances that the season will return? What will take place in the upcoming season? Below is every detail you may wish to know.

The wise man’s grandchild, referred to as Kenji no mango, is a well-known novel series aired in 2015. Few years after its debut, the series gained some reasonable followers. The series was written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka and later illustrated by Senji Kikuchi, while LN started its serialization in 2015 through a user-generated website termed shosetsuka ni Naro.

Wise Man's Grandchild Cast

Wise Man’s Grandchild Cast

After its great performance on the web, the series was later bought by Enterbrain and was released as tankobon volumes. Thereafter, Kadokawa Shoten made the manga adaptation with the help of Shunsuke Ogata, who did the illustration. Just before the manga’s release in 2016, the franchise had already gained a lot of popularity.

As of to date, manga is still on and is more popular compared to its source materials. Therefore, silver link decided to speak with the author Tsuyoshi to adapt the story. The light novel was permanently adopted as a TV anime series filmed in Japan in the middle of April and June 2019.

These approaches increase positive ratings from viewers where they gained more popularity overseas, though the fans are still waiting for the series to appear on the screens.

Has Silver Link Renewed Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2

When the first season of kenja no mango was aired in 2019, it turned to be the talk of everybody.  Although there was an average critic rating, the anime received a warm welcome from the audience. According to many viewers, the isekai series was universal, entertaining to watch, and an engaging storyline.

The storyline of season one was left incomplete. Thus fans are looking forward to hearing what to expect in the upcoming sequel. Even though the series was famous and the audience happened to love it, neither silver link studio nor the show’s creators have announced its renewal.

It’s almost two years since the last episode, yet fans are yet to receive any alert from silver link studio. However, the chances of season two return are very high. Therefore there are many things to put into consideration to see the possibilities of kenja no mango return.

Is Kenja no Mango Popular Enough to Get a Renewal?

One of the crucial factors producing studio cross-checks before the revival of any series is if any former series was fortunate enough. Luckily, the series, wise man’s grandchild, was well known enough to be acknowledged by the creators. Both the light novel and the manga adaptations were already popular before their release, and many fans had already read them.

Is there ENOUGH Source Materials for Kenja no mango Season 2

Adaptations rely on their source material to enable them to get the content. In the magi’s grandchild season one, they adapted only three chapters of the original content since the kanji series is still in the long run, containing twelve volumes that have already been released. Therefore, grandchild season two has plenty of source materials for adaptation. However, fans will have to wait for an official declaration from the silver studio, thus making its return very high.

Release date of Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2

For now, it’s hard to anticipate season 2; however, it’s far from its conclusion. Both the novel and manga are on the run; thus, it’s a matter of time that it will return, though not officially announced.

The plot of Wise Man’s grandchild season

The story revolves around a boy from Shin Wolford who used to in a certain office in Japan. Unfortunately, he died in a road accident, and he was reborn in a different world where there is plenty of demons, sorcery. Magic is common, unlike the previous normal life he was working.

He kept his normal life memories; luckily, he was adopted by merlin Walford who took care of him as his grandchild. Merlin named him to shin Walford. He started teaching him all the sorts of magic as well as martial arts. Shin turned fifteen, and marlin realizes that shin has never interacted with the outside world and thus has sensory issues.

Later he was recruited to magic academy though he was treated like a celebrity due his grandfather used to be a national hero in that kingdom.