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Born in the Dominican Republic, Ysabel Caminero Madera is the mother of singer, rapper, and actor Nicky Jam. She is mainly seen with her son in public appearances and she is pretty active on her social media. She rose to her popularity as her son rose to popularity.

Early Life

Madera is assumed to be in her sixties. Due to the lack of information about her birthday, it is difficult to accurately know her age.

Madera has remained quiet about her past and early life. Except for the knowledge that she and her husband both were drug addicts, not much is known. It is known that Nicky became a drug addict in his later life because of being surrounded by drugs since his childhood, courtesy of Madera and her husband. Not much is known about Madera’s educational background and childhood. She is a brunette with brown eyes.

Relationship Status

Madera is currently married to her husband of Puerto Rican descent. She is very private about her marriage hence not many details are known about it. But from whatever information has been gathered from the posts on her social media, netizens have assumed that she has a healthy and happy marriage with her husband. The name of her husband remains undisclosed.

Ysabel Caminero Madera

Relationship With Nicky

Madera was an addict when she had Nicky. She failed to provide a safe environment for the young child which led to Nicky becoming an addict himself. However, despite that, they both helped each other become better and their bond is very strong. Madera has posted several pictures of her and Nicky on her Instagram with loving captions, signifying her love and support for her child, even if the beginning was a bit rough.

Ysabel Caminero Madera

Relationship With Stephanie

Madera has a daughter, Stephanie Rivera Caminero. Not much is known about Stephanie as she keeps a very low profile on the internet, However, Madera has posted about Stephanie and her kids on her Instagram with heartfelt captions. Based on that netizens have confirmed the presence of a loving relationship between he mother and the children.


Madera is married and is the proud mother of two kids, Nick Rivera Caminero and Stephanie Rivera Caminero. She has a very healthy and happy relationship with her two children as shown on her various social media posts and mentioned by the singer in interviews.

Madera also has three grandchildren, namely- Alyssa Rivera, Yarimar Rivera and Joe martin Rivera. Madera is seen to be close with them as shown on her social media posts. Madera seems to have a deep bond with her extended family.

Net Worth

Madera has remained quiet about her occupation. Hence, it is difficult to estimate her net worth. However, based on her social network posts and pictures of her, it can be confirmed that she is living comfortably. However, it is well known that Nicky Jam’s net worth is $8 million.

Social Media Presence

Madera is very active on her social media. She is mostly active on Instagram. Her account can be found under the name of @ysabelcaminero there. She has 39.5k followers on the platform with 165 posts. She discusses about her life, shares about her family etc. on the platform.


Despite not being able to give her child an amazing childhood, Madera has made up for that by being there for Nicky as he slowly came into spotlight. She has a healthy and happy relationship with her children which is an amazing thing to experience. She is a lucky mother and she is an inspiration to all to be a good mother.