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Glasses. Those seemingly simple objects perched on noses, sliding down when it’s hot, or getting fogged up in chilly weather. Most wear them for vision, while others opt for a fashion statement. The trend to buy glasses online has exploded, giving people a myriad of choices. But beyond the convenience and style, glasses hold a treasure trove of stories and facts.

In this article, we’ll go through 10 surprising facts about glasses that are sure to surprise you.

1. First Glasses: Neither Stylish nor Comfortable

Our journey starts in the late 13th century in Italy, where the very first eyeglasses made their appearance. These weren’t your trendy, lightweight spectacles. Imagine two magnifying glasses, clumsily riveted together. Users would often hold these to their eyes or, in some cases, precariously balance them on the bridge of their noses. Comfort? Far from it. But for many, it was the first taste of clearer vision.

2. A Sign of Royalty and Intellect

Swinging over to ancient China, glasses took on a different role. Here, they weren’t so much for vision as they were for maintaining a poker face. Judges in courtrooms wore glasses made of smoky quartz. It wasn’t about correcting vision but more about shielding their eyes, thereby hiding their emotions and thoughts while presiding over cases.

3. Bifocals: A Brainchild of a Founding Father

When we think of Benjamin Franklin, a plethora of inventions and wisdom come to mind, but many might not be aware of his connection to eyewear. Facing the dilemma of switching between two pairs of glasses for near and far-sightedness, Franklin, ever the innovator, decided to cut two lenses in half and join them, giving birth to the bifocal. A solution so elegant and simple, it’s still in use today.

4. Eyeglass Prescription: A Temporary Thing?

Most people assume that once you have an eyeglass prescription, it’s consistent for life. Yet, our eyes, like the rest of our body, change over time. Factors like age, health, and even pregnancy can cause shifts in vision, necessitating regular eye check-ups. This is why even if you buy glasses online, it’s crucial to update your prescription regularly.

Replacing these facts, glasses continue to amaze us with their intricate history and the many stories they’ve been a part of. They’re not just tools for vision; they’re a testament to human ingenuity, adaptability, and style. Whether it’s the multifaceted brilliance of Franklin’s bifocals or the ever-evolving nature of our vision, glasses have a lot to teach us, if only we take a moment to look.

5. Not All Glasses Are for Seeing

Venturing into the realm of color and perception, we find glasses that shift how we perceive the world, literally. Glasses with rose-colored or other tinted lenses were crafted not necessarily for clearer vision. Some believe that different colors can influence emotions, temperaments, and even overall health. So, seeing the world through rose-colored glasses isn’t just a metaphor!

6. The Bridge of Your Nose Wasn’t Always the Spot

Glasses have undergone various design changes throughout the ages. Before the modern design we’re familiar with – that rests snugly over the ears – early glasses came with ribbons. Users would tie these ribbons around their heads to keep the glasses in place. A windy day would certainly have presented its set of challenges!

7. Your Glasses Might Be “Fishy”

Adding a touch of the aquatic to eyewear, some glasses frames include an unusual ingredient: fish scales. When processed, these scales contribute to a shiny, durable finish. So the next time someone compliments the shine on your frames, you’ve got a fishy tale to regale them with!

8. A Silent Film Star Helped Popularize Specs

The film industry has always been influential in setting trends. In the 1920s, silent film comedian Harold Lloyd made a splash with his round horn-rimmed glasses in “Safety Last!” His iconic look wasn’t just a character choice; it spurred a fashion movement, making glasses a sought-after accessory for many.

9. Digital Protection is the New Trend

Our digital age demands digital protection. With the surge in screen time, there’s been a parallel rise in the demand for glasses that combat blue light. Even if you don’t need vision correction, donning a pair of these non-prescription glasses can help shield your eyes from device-emitted harmful light. Many who buy glasses online specifically seek out this feature, ensuring their eyes remain rested and safe.

10. World Records and Eyewear

Extravagance has its place in the world of glasses too. The record for the world’s priciest pair goes to glasses bedecked in diamonds, selling for an eye-watering $400,000. But if you’re leaning towards something chic yet pocket-friendly, online retailers like GlassesUSA offer an expansive selection that promises style and quality.

Glasses Are A More Interesting Topic Than You Might Think

Peeling back the layers, glasses emerge as more than just vision correctors or fashion accessories. They’re rich with history, brimming with stories, and pivotal in cultural shifts.

Whether you’re someone who’s worn glasses all your life or someone looking to buy glasses online for the first time, there’s no denying the allure and significance of these frames. As you choose your next pair, perhaps you’ll see them as not just objects but as pieces of a grand, ever-evolving narrative.