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When it comes to dining, the lighting in the room matters. Whether you are building a new house or simply remodelling the eating area in your existing one, you should never underestimate the importance of having the right dining table light. With solid lighting, you can see what is on the table more clearly, and depending on the event, it can also set the appropriate mood and atmosphere.

With this in mind, you should never settle on just any lights for the dining room that happen to fit your budget. Instead, it is better to think about what you really want. Then, do some research. With many lighting options available, there is no need to rush to a decision. If you need some direction, consider these 10 helpful tips for choosing the perfect light.

1. Think About Your Table

The first thing to think about is your table. Take a look at it. What size and shape does it have? For round table designs, bowl-shaped or hexagonal fixtures tend to complement them best. On the other hand, if you have a square or rectangle table, you may want to consider a large pendant light instead.

2. Consider the Room’s Style

Something else worth your attention is the dining room’s overall style. For example, is it modern, rustic, antique, eclectic or something different? Whatever the style, you want the lights to match. If you want more of a formal room, bronze or crystal fixtures can work well. For something more laid back, wooden beads and rope can offer a casual look

3. Add a Dimmer Switch

Going back to the mood setting idea, having a dimmer switch can make a world of difference in this regard. For parties and family dinners, use the bright light but for more a romantic setting, lower it a bit. A dimmer switch can also be helpful when your eyes simply need a break.

4. Decide on Brightness

Even with a dimmer switch, you still need to think about how bright you want the room to be. Different light fixtures will ultimately result in different amounts of ambiance and wattage use. When you think about this, make sure to consider applicable energy costs, too.

5. Mix With Other Lights

Just because you pick one type of main dining room table light does not mean you cannot have other light fixtures in the room. On the contrary, mixing lights in the room can create a fun and interesting vibe that is bright and inviting. In addition to fixtures, think about using cordless lamps or string lights.

6. Avoiding Blocking the View

Whether your dining room has attractive wallpaper or an interesting window, you never want to block the view with a fixture. If you have low ceilings, one way to get around this without having to settle for a simple light is by finding a clear fixture that will add depth without obstructing the area.

7. Choose Lighting Fixtures That You Want

When choosing lighting, make sure you pick the fixtures that you want. From the size, shape, colour and design, everything about your dining room light should be what you desire for your home. If you feel uncertain about a fixture that you are considering, give it more time.

8. Remember Aesthetics

While functionality matters most, that does not discount the need for aesthetics. With lighting fixtures, appreciating the beauty of the design is half of the equation. The appearance matters because it impacts the entire room. For example, simple lighting can enhance the backdrop of a room while a fancy chandelier can highlight the space in different ways.

9. Look at the Ceiling

Another important aspect of installing new lights is the ceiling. While flat ceilings tend to provide an easy installation experience, slopes can be more difficult. For this reason, looking up to observe the ceiling conditions can give you a better idea of what to expect.

10. Choose the Right Size

Finally, think about the size of the dining room. This includes the square footage of the room as well as the dimensions of your table. In general, light fixtures should be about one foot smaller than the table in all directions.

Although finding the perfect light for your dining room can be a challenge, following tips like these can make it easier. At the end of the day, the most important thing is finding something that makes you happy.