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Glass for showers due to high light transmission rate, stained with a little dust or stains will be very obvious, so the bathroom glass door cleaning is best to pay more attention daily, timely cleaning.

Now many family bathrooms will use glass doors to separate the dry and wet areas, practical and beautiful. But after using a period of time, the glass door will form scale bringing the bathroom glass door cleaning a little difficulty. Using ordinary cleaning methods is very difficult to completely remove. Today, we will share with you a few tips to clean bathroom shower glass.

How to remove the oil on the glass door

If you accidentally get oil on the bathroom glass door, you can use cling film and a damp cloth to make the glass door shine like new. First, apply the cleaner on the bathroom glass door, especially the area with oil stains. After applying the cleaner, apply the plastic wrap to the stained area. The purpose of this is to soften the oil stains that have solidified on the glass door and make it easier to clean. After about ten minutes, peel off the film and wipe it off with a damp cloth sprayed with detergent.

If there is no cleaner at home temporarily, you can also use tea water instead. But using a rag dipped in tea water to clean, especially when cleaning the mirror, takes care not to seep the tea water to the edge and back of the mirror, so as not to damage the plating on the back of the mirror.

How to remove the limescale on the glass door

Mix vinegar and salt to make a cleaning agent. Mix vinegar and salt and wet the area with limescale, and wipe the glass with a dry cloth after 10 minutes. Some friends will use a brush when cleaning, thinking that this can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. In fact, it is not, especially the bristles are relatively hard brush. The glass is easy to be scratched. The chances of spontaneous explosion of glass doors that produce cracks will increase. Worried about the dry cloth wipe not clean, you can use toothpaste to spray the bathroom glass door with limescale, and then choose a soft-bristled toothbrush, and finally wash with warm water.

How to remove the watermark on the glass door

Due to the bathroom glass door on the mirror  in contact with water vapor for a long time, it is likely to leave a relatively fuzzy watermark. The watermark is not heavy, but directly wipe and easy to spend the mirror, how to do? Choose to use a spray-type cleaner. Spray glass cleaner can be used in a whole piece of glass out of a big x, and then wring out the cloth folded down the wipe in one direction, when until seven minutes, and then wipe again with a dry cloth.

The old newspaper also has a wonderful use

Many people may not know, we are usually afraid of dirty ink for the glass just have a better cleaning effect. Bathroom glass door cleaning can actually do without waiting until the accumulation of scale, usually the glass door with dust can first wipe off the dust with a wet cloth, then wipe with newspaper, so that the glass door will not leave water marks, but also to reduce the difficulty of cleaning.

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