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Most patios are rectangular and similar to all other ones you’ll find in people’s homes. However, people who want more for themselves often ask Peters’ Patio & Landscape for ideas. Spicing up your patio can improve your quality of life and your property’s value.

Ready to redesign your patio and give it a new look and feel? Below are some ideas you can play around with for the perfect look and feel.

Patio Function

Your patio’s function is one of the primary areas to derive design inspiration. Most patios are built for round-table discussions, family gatherings, relaxations, and outdoor dining. Some hobbyists also love to garden, making the space perfect for various needs.

As you plan to redesign your patio, consider what it’ll look like as you engage in your favorite activity. This can help you better design the space’s shape, look and appeal. You can also anticipate some other activities or interests you may pick up over time – these will help you plan futuristically.

If designing your patio solely for family gatherings and dining, consider the number of people sitting at the table. You can also consider any additional feature that can improve your and their outdoor lives, including a fire pit, grill, fireplace, and spa or hot tub.

Always remember that your patio is a canvas with limitless possibilities, depending on what you wish to achieve with it.


Your patio’s location can change the entirety of its look and feel. After determining the function, you should also consider how the location plays into things.

You can afford to situate your patio away from your property if you have a large hectare of land. However, smaller land space brings the outdoor feature closer to the home. So, based on the location, you can determine how much space is available for the patio and how far away from the house it’ll be.

Unsure of how far away you want the patio to be? Try setting up a couple of chairs and tables at some distance away from your backyard. This can give you a mock view of the perfect space for your patio and the view it presents.

Cooking and dining

While patios are often situated close to the kitchen, they could also be situated away from it – depending on personal preference. While developing the perfect idea for your patio, consider where the cooking and dining will be done.

If the cooking is reserved for the kitchen, then you can situate your patio close to the kitchen. However, on the other hand, you also need to consider if you want an outdoor kitchen. If planning an outdoor kitchen or grill, then you want the patio slightly away from the smoke.

Ultimately, you’ll need to consider other additions going into your outdoor area and how they play into your need for a patio.

Create outdoor rooms

Most people consider their patio as one big area of space. This is often the traditional way of looking at things. You can achieve a lot more from your patio by breaking it into several segments or blocks. Dividing it into segments allows you to plan the cooking area separately from the dining area, conversation area, and others. With this in mind, you’ll get a good understanding of the furniture and add-ons to include in your patio as the dream comes alive.

Fireplaces and fire pits

Not many people consider including fire pits in their patios. Determine if you want a fireplace or fire pit on your patio and the most befitting area for it. Now may be a great time to consult with a professional to better understand which to choose between a fire pit and a fireplace.

The professional may also be able to convince you of the best option, location, and whether or not the addition is fitting for your patio design.


Having an outdoor space without a perfect view can be limiting. A great way to incorporate the view into the design is to plan a mock-up of the patio space. You can also seek professional insight and recommendations from qualified patio and landscape contractors.

Determine the perfect patio orientation, where each element will go, and the best angle for a calming and relaxing view.

Light and shade

Lighting is an important factor when it comes to landscape and landscaping. Choosing the right lighting can improve your property’s appearance and appeal. It can also boost its value and improve security. Discuss the right type of lighting as well as where to install shades to keep your guests and family safe.

The above considerations can greatly improve your final outlook and boost your patio project’s outcome.