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Photography is a wide field and includes a plethora of styles. Every photographer chooses a specific photography style as per their taste and interest. Also, different equipment is used to capture different types of images. The newest and emerging field in photography is commercial and corporate photography. You can earn a handsome amount of money by becoming a commercial photographer.

Although there are hundreds of photography genres, most professionals prefer to master 1 or 2 types of photography style. However, trying out different photography genres can help in expanding and refining your skills. This will boost both your technical as well as creative skills to snap a photo. You must also master the technique of using different accessories like hipod to get the best results.In this article, we are going to throw light on the 7 major types of photography style. Whether you are an experienced photography pro or a newbie into the photography business, you must learn and practice the following types of photography to become a better photographer.

7 Most Popular Types OF Photography You Need To Master

7 Most Popular Types OF Photography You Need To Master

Fashion photography is the niche of photography that deals in displaying fashion accessories and attires. These types of photographs are widely used in fashion magazines and websites. You can choose this genre of photography for making your career if you have enough creativity and a good sense of fashion. Fashion photography is focused on models and includes a lot of body shots. The fashion shoot is not a one person job. It is a team’s work. The fashion photographer is a cog in the machine.

  • Event Photography

Event photography is another important genre of photography. It includes many types of events such as concerts, conferences, weddings, birthdays, awards functions, product launches, and more. This photography style is a unique blend of documentary and portraiture. Event photography is related to taking pictures of people and occurrences. Most enterprises use these photographs for advertising and marketing. The print event photographs on their magazines cover, souvenirs, brochures, etc. Generally, the pro who captures the corporate event is known as a corporate photographer.

  • Portrait Photography

It is the art of capturing the personality of the individual or a group of people. The portrait images can be formal or informal. While capturing the portrait, you need to focus on the subject’s face and eyes. Effective lighting and backdrops play vital roles in getting out best of portrait photos. The most popular types of portrait photography are environmental portraits, wedding portraits, business headshots, fine art portraits, and conceptual portraits. Portrait photography is a great way to start out a career as a professional photographer. You can purchase super telephoto lens for Nikon to start your journey as a photographer.

  • Product Photography

Product photography is one of the most popular niches of photography, with good reasons. The main goal of product photography is to represent the product or object in its best possible way. The demand for such photography has increased rapidly with the emergence of online shopping stores. Many brands hire full time and freelance photographers to shoot their products in the most vibrant way. Sometimes products are captured solely, and other times it may involve models. The product images are used in packaging material, catalogs, websites, blogs, etc. Presently, product photography is at its peak. You can easily make your career in product photography; all you need is a high-quality camera and artificial lighting source.

  • Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is all about capturing aesthetic pictures of buildings, monuments, and architectures. It’s not possible to use artificial lighting in architectural photography, so you need to have a good idea of using natural light in exterior architectural photography. You can refine your architectural photography by using a tripod, tilt-shift lens, and panorama head. These photographs are mainly used in commercial businesses.

Popular types of photography

Popular types of photography

  • Still Life Photography

Still-life photography deals with capturing lifeless things, typically a small group of inanimate objects (such as fruits, glasses, spoons, statues, stones, flowers, etc.) These pictures are used in advertising materials. The still life photographer should have a great idea to arrange the objects in the most attractive manner.

  • Street Photography

Street photography is quite different from all other types of photography. It is also called candid photography and is about taking candid shots of streets and strangers, often without informing them. You can earn good bucks by selling great street photography by selling them on Etsy, 500Px, ETC.

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The Bottom Line

So, here’s the thing. The world is full of hundreds of photography styles, but by learning the above photography techniques, you will definitely be able to touch the sky in the photography world.