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Short wigs have become a go-to choice for many wig wearers, and it is mostly ideal if you want a beautiful and versatile hairstyle. Aside from having low maintenance, you can explore different styling options and looks without touching your natural hair. Whether you want to add more length and textures or make your wig, voluminous short wigs are the best choice. This article will explore styling options, care tips, and what to consider when choosing these wigs.

Different Styling Options to Explore with Short Wigs

Exploring Luvme Hair Short Wigs

There are many styling options to explore when it comes to short wigs. You will always find something that suits your desired look. These are a few options to try out:

Sleek Bob

This styling option is suitable for any occasion, casual or formal. In addition, a sleek bob wig will ensure you look polished and classic.

Pixie Cut

The way you look determines your level of confidence. The goal of a pixie cut wig is to connect you to your inner confidence while giving you a powerful appearance.

Curly Bob

A curly bob wig will help you achieve a playful and youthful appearance. It is a perfect way to add more bounce to your wig.

How to Choose Short Wigs

Exploring Luvme Hair Short Wigs 2

Hair Type

Consider the material of your wig before buying. The type of hair your wig is made of will determine the service life and how much you can style it. Synthetic wigs are less expensive; however, they do not have a longer service life than human hair wigs. On the other hand, human hair wigs are more expensive with more styling options since you can treat it like your natural hair.

Cap Construction

The cap construction is also an important consideration before choosing short wigs. If you want a more natural-looking wig that you can part in any direction, you should choose a lace cap. Full lace wigs are more versatile and can work with many hairstyles. On the other hand, normal cap constructions are good if you are on a budget.

Styles and Lengths

Due to their versatility, short wigs are available in different lengths and styles. Therefore, you must choose the best for your face shape. You can opt for a bob-style wig if you have a round or square-shaped face. However, the pixie cut is your best option if you have an oval or heart-shaped face.

3 Situations Where Short Wigs Are Most Applicable

Fashion and Beauty

Short wigs of human hair are popular in the beauty and fashion industry. They have gained wide acceptance among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts due to their benefits. These wigs are used to either enhance their fashion look or uniquely express themselves.

Hair Loss

These wig types are also popular among people with baldness or hair loss. Alopecia, chemotherapy, illness, and stress are a few of the things that cause hair loss in people. However, short wigs are a quick and effective alternative for these people. They are not easy to notice, so people will always think it’s your natural hair, making you more confident.

Medical Reasons

Short wigs are useful for medical reasons, especially for those undergoing cancer treatment. In most cases, individuals undergoing chemotherapy might experience hair loss, and these wigs will help them adapt to these changes. As mentioned, people suffering from conditions like alopecia will also find an effective solution to hair loss.

How to Care and Maintain Short Wigs

Brush Regularly

This applies to all wigs; brush your short wigs regularly to detangle and remove knots. This will keep your wig neat and smooth. You can use a recommended comb or brush for this process. Be gentle throughout the process, and ensure you don’t use a brush with metal bristles.

Wash Gently

The washing process is straightforward, immerse the wig in cold water and pour a small shampoo. Ensure you don’t scrub or rub; swish gently while in the water. Once done, rinse under flowing cold water and squeeze excess water out.

Dry Carefully

Once you are done squeezing excess water, the next thing is to place it on a wig stand or mannequin to air dry. Avoid using a hairdryer or blow dryer, as they can affect your wig if made of synthetic fibers.

Store Properly

When you are done using your wig in a day, store it in an appropriate place. You can store it on a wig stand, mannequin, or wig box. Ensure it is away from a direct source of sunlight and other heat. This will make your wig look healthy and also preserve its shape.

What Brand Can I Trust to Buy Short Wigs?

There are different brands offline and online selling short wigs; you just need to ensure you are buying from a good source. Luvme Hair offers different short-length wigs at amazing prices. They are quality wigs made from human hair. Therefore, they are guaranteed to last for a long time. You can also enjoy the best deals and purchase using their afterpay service to buy a wig and pay in installments.


There are no restrictions on the type of people who can wear short wigs. Aside from being able to style as desired, you will also enjoy low maintenance. This article has explored different things you need to know about short wigs. It will guide you on different styling options and how you can choose. With these wigs, you are close to achieving your hair goals.