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Over the years sneakers have grown hugely in popularity. There was a time when they would only be seen by those involved in some form of exercise, but nowadays they even formed part of high-end fashion collections. They are great to wear as they offer great comfort and are adaptable. They are seen everywhere, with office workplaces seeing them on display on the feet of employees, something that would never have been considered a few decades ago.

There are so many designs available, with a wide selection of manufacturers, which are as fashionable and sought after by some as collections on the catwalks of Milan or Paris. Much of their popularity, like many trends and styles, must be credited to the famous people who favour a particular style. There’s nobody much more famous or popular in the world of sports than basketball legend Michael Jordan. It says everything that sports stars as famous as Shane Warne and David Beckham in tribute to the great man wore the same number 23 shirt.

It continues to today, with many wearing a replica Jordan 23 Chicago Bulls vest, while others prefer to choose a pair of Jordan 1 sneakers. The collaborative retro collection continues to be popular well after others have bitten the dust. MJ first wore a design in 1985, and the vast range of the air-cushioned footwear continues to be in demand. Fortunately, anyone in Australia or NZ can make a purchase either from the Sydney or Melbourne store of a unique sneaker stockist or order online and take advantage of free express delivery on many orders. Customers can be assured of excellent service when choosing their footwear.

They can be worn while taking exercise or just as easily be the perfect addition to a wide range of styles, as the wearer will continue to look fashionable. And probably more importantly they will always feel comfortable when wearing them. It doesn’t matter about the height of the side support; the Nike shoe offers extended durability with added grip and traction. The fantastic ankle support reduces the chance of injury, while every step is provided with perfect precision. A slim midsole is perfect for those wanting a better feel if out on the basketball court. The heavy-hitting designs in many colours are a winner with all genders and age groups.

Refinement, class, and sleekness are just three deserved descriptions of the sneakers, with some of the designs helping the legend to double Olympic gold medals. The shoes are sought after by wearers and collectors alike, as they evolved through collaboration over the years. It is the style that saw the sneaker craze take off at the same time as basketball became extremely popular through satellite and cable TV. They simply look fantastic, meaning there is little wonder that Michael Jordan’s name will live on for many years to come.

Wearers are guaranteed to look stylish when putting on a pair of Air Jordan 1 sneakers as they feel good for longer.