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At present, there are more and more wig products on the market. So how can buyers distinguish between human hair wigs and others among the mixed products? We have listed several identification method types, which I hope will help you.

Wigs are divided into fiber silk wigs, high-temperature silk wigs, protein silk wigs, matt silk wigs, and human hair wigs according to their texture.

Fiber silk wig is the worst in texture and can be distinguished directly with the eyes;

High-temperature silk wig, relatively soft but easy to reflect light under the light,

Matt silk wig, close to human hair, low melting point, softer and smoother;

A protein silk wig is the best. Protein silk feels close to Human hair.

1. Price

Wig hair covers are lower in cost because they are made of rayon; Human hair wig covers are made of human hair, so the price is higher.

2. Comfort

The wig cover is unnatural on the scalp, and it is easy to slide when it is fixed on the head. Hair wigs are perfectly fitted to the scalp and do not have this problem.

3. Weight

Because the wig is made of a kind of artificial chemical filament, it is relatively heavy, the weight of Human hair itself is much lighter than that of synthetic filament, and the Human hair wig is also much lighter than the wig.

4. Static electricity

Wigs covers are woven with a kind of artificial chemical fiber. They are particularly prone to static electricity, while human hair wigs are made of human hair and are the same as normal human hair, so it is not easy to generate static electricity.

5. Look at the color

First of all, the color of the hair is uniform. The hair that grows naturally is slightly thinner at the tip and slightly lighter, and there is no reverse color (that is, the color of the information is darker than the hair end). Our naturally grown hair will turn slightly yellow in the sun.

And the hair that is dyed black is pitch black, and I can’t see anything. This may be dyed for concealer or messy color. Of course, it is not ruled out to make the hair look better.

6. Look at the tips of the hair

A good wig has no noticeable artificial cutting marks at the tips and no hair follicles (that is, small white spots or tiny black spots at the end of the hair). In contrast, foamed hair is the hair that loses nutrients and falls off naturally, and there will be hair follicles at the end of the hair, so Wigs made of foam hair are likely to have strands at the ends of the hair. However, if the hair has been trimmed, the follicles at the lots of these hairs will also be cut off, so they cannot be seen, so it is best to look at the untrimmed ones, Rough hair.

A strand of hair, more than 5% with hair follicles, can be considered adulterated.

7. Touch by hand

Human hair and blended wig, chemical fiber wig feel different, feel the thickness of the hand is uniform. If the strand is degraded or the hair material used is additional, the thickness is not uniform. Secondly, you can touch the hair from the end to the bottom. To see how smooth it is.

Because the scales of the hair grow down, if the hair isn’t smooth enough or even feels like it’s getting in the way, it means that either the hair is badly damaged or the scales are growing in the wrong direction, making the hair look like it’s on its head.

8. Burn with fire

Choose a small strand of wig and burn it with a lighter. If it is Human hair, the smell is the smell of burnt barbecue, and the smell of chemical fiber silk wig is a pungent plastic smell, emitting black smoke and burning—Will form black lumps. Very well identified. Then look at the ashes. The ones that can be crushed into powder are human hair; the ones that have agglomerates and form a mass are high-temperature hair. Of course, human hair is mixed with synthetic hair if there are both lumps and powder.

Human Hair is composed of protein. The protein content of hair tissue is more than 90%. Its main component is keratin, so this simple identification method can easily distinguish whether it is Human hair or fibrous hair. Still, if the merchant uses animal hair Or the broken hair recovered from the barbershop, it is not easy to identify.

9. Bleach

Take out one of the strands of hair, apply hydrogen peroxide, let it fade, and observe the uniformity of hair color after disappearing. The mottled or uneven color indicates that the wig has been mixed.

In light of the nine suggestions above, you should now be able to distinguish human hair wigs from synthetic wigs very easily. So if you want to buy a good quality human hair wig, I recommend a trustworthy online store Their main product is black wigs; the best wig collection is HD lace wigs- the most popular high-end lace wig.