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As expected, the love for rap music and hip-hop culture, along with the desire to look like your favorite rappers and try the lifestyle they praise so much have brought you here. So, homie, without further ado let’s get to business and change your style according to your preferences and desires.

First, make sure you’ve got enough baggy t-shirts with graphic prints and hoodies of bright colors, as well as loose shirts and basketball jerseys, preferably vintage ones. You may get inspiration from hip-hop designers like Wu Wear and Sean John. For the old-school hip-hop look, consider the Starter jacket from the 90s. Are you a fan of 50Cent? Then you may complete the image with one of his favorite Pelle Pelle leather jackets. Try finishing the look with the army fatigue jacket as in the style used by DMX.

Next, let’s talk about jeans. No surprises here, as they should also be baggy and comfortable. Mecca and Southpole are the brands often chosen by rappers. But keep in mind that they should give the opportunity to show off the two very significant rap style details, the belt and the shoes. The first secures the too loose pair of jeans from falling while demonstrating frequently over-the-top designs with huge belt buckles covered with stones. The second deserves the special discussion, as the shoes are one of the most important markers of hip-hop style. Boot-high shoes with a large tongue sticking out over the jeans, the basketball shoes for outdoor sport and the branded sneakers are the most common choices for the rap style outfits. The essential criterion is the loud brand name, like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Vlado, Timberland or Jordan, it’s a must-have.

Learn How to Dress Like Your Favorite Rapper 2

There’s no chance you’ll be able to pull off the rap outfit without the bling jewelry. Iced-out chain necklaces and pendants are the trademark of the style and the indicator of your achievements, so pay attention.

The Cuban link chain is one of the favorite chain styles among rappers. It saw the rise of the rap culture and gained popularity along it in the distant 1970s in Miami. Even today it still remains one of the trendiest types of chain necklaces. It’s pattern of twisted flat oval links is probably the most recognizable and best fitted to be covered with diamonds. The Cuban link chain is incredibly strong and durable, the essential demand for the rappers’ necklace is to be able to hold heavy bulky iced-out pendants. The construction of the chain provides it with the chunky look, an important criterion for the bling trinkets, as it’s not a secret that in hip-hop fashion the more massive the jewelry is, the better. The Cuban link chain is the perfect necklace for the purpose as it’s the statement jewelry that won’t fail to be noticed. And finally, the Cuban chain is one of the shiniest necklaces over there, as its sleek polished links are made to give off maximum luster. It will inevitably highlight luxury and glamor adding the final touch to your hip-hop look.

Rich and famous hip-hop celebs frequently opt for the gold rope chain to finish their images. It was all started by the famous 1980s rappers Run D.M.C. and Eric B.& Rakim. The rope chain is the style with a simple yet intriguing pattern that is made of numerous links set closely together that form the design reminiscent of the rope. In the inner circles of rap and hip-hop culture the style is known as the reason for a severe jewelry competition among the celebs that resulted in few world records. The rope chain is a very strong and shiny piece that rightfully occupies the place of the timeless rap jewelry classic. It became the base for the number of famous and sometimes scandalous pendants, among which there’s the legendary Lil Jon’s “Crunk Ain’t Dead” pendant that weighs 5.11 pounds and displays 73 carats of diamonds, 3 756 genuine round-cut white diamonds in total, set in 18k yellow and white gold. The price of the item is $500,000. Just the information for you to get the understanding of how strong the rope chain is. The intricate design of the rope chain adds volume and texture to the jewelry making the wealth and success of the rapper more obvious. A great choice to emphasize your love for hip-hop style.

There’s also one more variant of the chain necklaces favored by rappers, and it’s the Gucci, also known as Mariner, chain. Made of massive oval links with a vertical bar inside, it presents the pure concentrated chic and glamor inherent to the rap celebs. Pharrell Williams, who was voted the “Best Dressed Man In The World” by Esquire, by the way, possesses a famous $1 000 000 iced-out with diamonds, rubies and emeralds Gucci chain made of 18 links, with a pendant displaying the logo of the Billionaire Boys Club, covered with diamonds, of course. The surface of the Gucci links is perfect to be iced-out with diamonds and other precious stones. The chain is yet again really durable as the construction is inspired by the heavy-duty chains used in the seaports. The Mariner chain occupies one of the top positions in the list of rap jewelry as it works well in a layered chain look, makes a perfect base for the huge pendants and without a doubt is able to make a loud statement even worn solo.

Learn How to Dress Like Your Favorite Rapper

The rapper’s jewelry in general is massive and chunky. The items are sometimes so big that it’s actually hard to tell if the 18k gold chain real or fake. The bigger, the better works for all jewelry: rings, pendants, watches, bracelets… Hip-hop fashion is not the place for delicate accessories. The things you wear should scream of your wealth, success and status, preferably blinding everyone around with the shine of the stones. Even the sunglasses, that are typically square-shaped and oversized, are better to be studded. Go for the Sean John and Adidas brands for your shades, and you won’t fail to add points to your rap style. You may also consider grills, the caps made of precious metals and set with gems that cover your teeth. Sometimes the grills even have the engravings on them.

And the last but not the least detail to complete your image is the combination of a cap and a bandana. Pick the bright bandana to fit your clothes and put a hat over it for the ideal hip-hop look. The bandana is not the rule, though, more like the exclamation mark after the statement that you prefer rap, made by your whole outfit.

Following those tips, you’ll look like a rapper from head to toes. You may also find additional inspiration in the music made by your favorite performers. Polish it all with a bit of confidence, and you’re ready to go.