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It is time for you to get the best pressure washer to ensure that every corner of your home would be squeaky clean. Heavy-duty pressure washer is ideal for extensive home cleaning. Not only you can wow your guests but you can also save your family and the environment as you blow away any bacteria and harmful substances build up.

More so, the materials should not be much of a hassle for you since the product is already ready-made and equipped with devices that allows you to move it in any motion you desire. They also have this device wherein if not triggered, it automatically shuts off to ensure that you are able to save time and electricity.

What Are Pressure Washers?

A Pressure washer is a cleaning tool used to spray away grimes, molds, dusts, muds, loose paints, and dirts from edges, surfaces and corners of your home. The primary pressure washer contains of a motor either internal combustion, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic. All types of motor provides a high-pressure water pump that trigger the gun-style switch. It is like an upgadeed garden hose nozzle since the velocity of the water is highly increased.

Kinds of Pressure Washers

To contribute to the cleanliness of your home and for your own convenience, below are the itemized kinds of pressure washers that you can choose from.

  • Portable Pressure Washer – this type of washer can be used anytime and anywhere. Its multi-mode nozzle allows you to switch three different spray nozzles that gives you the comfort while using it on a wide area. The compact design also lets you to stash the water in to your car trunk while empowering the battery through connecting it to your vehicle’s battery.
  • Grandfalls Pressure Washer – if you aim for a dynamic and convenient allotment implements for your household, then this is the perfect type of pressure washer for you. It has automatic rotating seal that washes away all the hassle of swilling your room resulting into an easy chore. This could cover up a residence from small to large.
  • Electric Pressure Washer – a compact design and a compelling pressure washer with three different nozzles makes your pressure washing easy. Pertaining to its convenience, its large wheels allows you to bring it anywhere you go which is somehow similar to being a portable one. Additionally, the huge control dial on board allows you to the adjust the tool.

Advantages of Electric Pressure Washer

  1. Only requires less fixing compared to gas pressure washers
  2. Fuel never runs out ever run out of fue
  3. Amenable to use in an enclosed room or indoors

Advantages of Gas Powered Pressure Washer

  1. More extensive compared to electric model
  2. Smaller models allows you to move freely
  3. Composed of 100% durability and heavy-duty parts

Hot or Cold Pressure Washer?

Of course, you always have to consider the water temperature when you are cleaning a particular part to ensure that you will not be the root of all cracks and other unnecessary floors or wall damages.

Bear in mind that:

Hot water pressure washers is best at washing away smudges and oil, cleaning grease, sanitizing and disinfecting de-icing facades and surfaces.

Cold Water pressure washer is preferably for removing paint, mildew, dirt. It is also ideal for refreshing surfaces and cleaning sidewalks.

Maintenance and Installation

For installation, you do not have to put your entire mind into it, basic knowledge and skills are already enough. Giraffe Tools’ pressure washer is already pre-assembled from its warehouse. All you have to do is install the pressure washer instantly on a concrete or brick wall.

The reel also has an attached main machine body which allows you to save half an hour of assembly compared to other competitor’s machines. Even the accessories and other parts are well-functioned and available particularly detergent tanks.

If you are still confused on what to do, the manual is already provided. Or, if something happens, the product/machine has a 2-year warranty which helps you save more money from coming back and forth from acquiring damaged parts and having it fixed.


Surely, it can be tough to choose the best type of pressure washers that suits your cleaning needs but the most important thing to consider first is the size, texture and type of household you have. In this way, you will be able to identify which pressure washer will benefit every corner of your home.

Then, the last one would be the cost. Choose the one that has a fair pricing that comes with high-standard performance. It does not matter if the aesthetics are not that on point, but an excellent pressure washer performance could go a long way.