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Whether it is a corporate event or a birthday party, an awards show or a concert, the unnoticed force behind the party is usually the Emcee or Master of Ceremonies (MC).

They are the people you see on stage, seamlessly going from one segment to the next, keeping the audiences hooked while also allowing them to enjoy performances without any distraction.

Whether it is an Emcee in Singapore or one elsewhere, their duties remain much the same. Manage crowds, entertain the audiences, introduce performances and allow everyone to have a good time.

The role of an Emcee is a tough and underappreciated one, but the following text will help you understand what qualities one needs to be a good Emcee.

Good Emcee in Singapore

Good Emcee in Singapore

Good public speaking skills

Public speaking is a large percentage of Emcee work. It involves preventing audiences from getting bored between performances, introducing all performers/speakers with their correct names and credentials, and having the confidence to hold the attention of an entire crowdful of people.

For instance, at a club or a party, an Emcee in Singapore will ask the audiences to dance to the music or clap with the beat.

Good crowd management skills

Being a good Emcee also means to ignore when a crowd is being disruptive. Crowd management is something that very few individuals know how to do. When a fight breaks out, or some individuals in the audiences are causing a disturbance, it is the Emcee’s duty to make sure that it does not affect the event.

A good Emcee knows that his or her duties also include resolving disputes for the sake of the event and making sure that all attendees leave the event satisfied.

Ability to maintain a certain atmosphere

An Emcee can be hired to host an awards show, or they can be hired to host a corporate event. What matters is that they know what atmosphere the event needs and to convey it successfully.
While a corporate event will need all attendees and participants to be civilised and formal, a dance club party will need the partygoers to let loose and enjoy themselves. It all comes under the umbrella of an Emcee’s duty to make sure that the atmosphere for the event is a suitable one.

Encourage a positive energy in the crowd

A good Emcee will need to be energetic and introduce a positive effect on the crowd. They will need to have a dynamic personality that will keep the audiences involved with their witty jokes and dramatic openings.

It is also important to note that a good Emcee knows that they are not the main attraction. They need to set the tone in such a way that the audience also pays attention to the main performers.

Having excellent damage control skills

With big events, there is always the chance of something going wrong. It could be a mistake made by the Emcees themselves, or the organisers, or even the performers. An Emcee’s duties is to smooth all situations so that no embarrassment is suffered by the organisers.

Awkwardness has no place in a Master of Ceremonies. Emcees will always need to be on top of all situations and have all the necessary information needed to salvage a difficult circumstance.

Having excellent oration/singing skills.

An Emcee’s voice is the most important factor in their success. An Emcee who can sing well will be preferred over an Emcee who can not Similarly, having a clear voice that can easily pronounce and enunciate common words is an essential characteristic for a successful Emcee.

Always being prepared.

More often than not, Emcees will fail at their job to keep the crowd entertained and announce the performers if they have not practised well. There is also a greater chance of mistakes happening if an Emcee is ill-prepared.

Trouble pronouncing names, forgetting the credentials of a speaker or performer, tripping over words and being confused by basic questions are some of the mistakes that an Emcee can make if they are ill-prepared.

Hence, it is important to note that there are several qualities one needs to cultivate to be a good Emcee.