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Sliding Barn Doors are an amazing feature to add to personalise, stylise with functionality to your loving home. Not only are Sliding Barn Doors customisable with ease of installation, but they also provide many other benefits over conventional doors. Sliding Barn Doors are a great option for small spaces where a conventional door could block spaces and are also a great option for large spaces to either separate spaces or allow a comfortable flow from room to room. Today we will have a quick dive into the differences between Sliding Barn Doors and conventional doors.

Functionality and Space

Compared to conventional doors that require room to swing open and can block pathways or even damage the wall due to their doorknob, sliding barn doors are simply a lifesaver with their functionality and ability to use less space. Sliding Barn doors do require some room to hang to function properly, but they require less space to swing open as they lay flat on the wall. You also will have greater air flow during a hot summer with sliding barn doors.

In terms of functionality, sliding barn doors are extremely convenient when opening to move around furniture or heavy and chunky equipment around the house. With conventional doors, they may not offer enough space to move furniture or equipment through them without damaging the door or walls.

Easy Installation

Conventional doors require specific measurements to install and require specific door frames which can also be expensive. Sliding barn doors are much easier to install and can be done quickly with a professional or by yourself. Many sliding barn doors can be installed by yourself without professional assistance and changing sliding barn doors is simple as you already have the hardware installed.

Various Designs and Style

Sliding Barn Doors are decorated with various designs and styles that allow them to complement or accentuate a room with their style. Sliding barn doors can come in a single sliding door or double door configuration. These different configurations of sliding barn doors along with their paint job and design can greatly improve a room’s ambience and environment. Conventional doors on the other hand are quite mundane and whilst offer great options, can sometimes feel out of place compared to sliding barn doors.


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