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The History and Significance of the Cross Necklace

You know that one accessory that pulls your whole look together and makes you feel stylish in an instant? For many women, that’s a simple cross necklace. There’s something elegant and timeless about a cross pendant that works with any outfit, whether you’re in jeans or a cocktail dress. The cross necklace has been a fashion staple for centuries because it’s a meaningful symbol that also happens to be versatile and chic. If you don’t already have a go-to cross necklace in your jewelry box, it’s worth investing in one. A classic piece of jewelry that you can wear day in and day out, it’s a subtle statement of faith and style. Once you have the perfect cross necklace, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Trendy Takes: Modern Cross Necklace Designs

The cross necklace has been a meaningful symbol for centuries. Dating back to the 2nd century, early Christians used the cross as a secret way to recognize each other. Once Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th century, the cross became a prominent Christian symbol.

Different cross designs emerged, like the Latin cross and Celtic cross. The Latin cross, with its vertical beam and shorter horizontal beam, is the most familiar design. The Celtic cross adds a circular shape where the beams intersect, with intricate knotted patterns.

Cross necklaces allow you to proudly display your faith or values. A simple gold or silver cross pendant can complement any outfit, while gemstone-studded crosses add a bit of flair. For a rustic look, a wooden or stone cross necklace fits the bill.

The meaning behind cross necklaces makes them a timeless gift. A cross given at baptism or first communion signifies spiritual connection. For couples, cross necklaces represent a shared set of beliefs and lifelong commitment to one another.

Whether minimal or ornate, cross necklaces will always remain a powerful symbol of faith, history and love. For many, wearing a cross necklace offers comfort and a sense of protection. This meaningful accessory will continue to stand the test of time.

How to Style Your Cross Necklace for Any Occasion

These days, the classic cross necklace comes in all shapes and sizes. While a simple gold or silver cross pendant will always be in style, modern designs offer trendy new takes on this timeless piece of jewelry.

Gemstone Crosses

Crosses featuring colorful gemstones like amethyst, rose quartz or turquoise add a fun, bohemian twist. The stones are thought by some to have certain healing or spiritual properties, taking the symbolism of the cross to a deeper level.

Sideways Crosses

For an edgier look, choose a cross that lays horizontally across your collarbone rather than hanging down. Sideways crosses also work well for those preferring a more subtle religious symbol.

Cross Charm Necklaces

Tiny cross charms dangling from a chain create an understated yet still meaningful necklace.  The charms come in sterling silver, gold-plated brass or natural gemstones like hematite. Layer a few of the delicate chains together for an on-trend minimalist style.

Whether embellished in gemstones, turned on its side or dangling as a tiny charm, the cross necklace can suit any fashion sensibility. Keeping the sacred symbol close to your heart is a timeless tradition made new again through these stylish interpretations. Express your faith or simply appreciate the cultural significance and beauty of the cross – this meaningful necklace suits any intention.