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Security camera CCTV systems are used to make homes or offices secure and safe through video surveillance. In homes, CCTV cameras are used to reduce the chances of theft or robbery, while in offices it is used to reduce crime and make employees work efficiently.

If you want to look at your home or office in just a single glance on your smartphone, then you must have a CCTV security system installed on your property. Installation of a security camera may sound like a daunting process to you if you are not a tech-savvy person. So, you can hire CCTV camera installation services from a trusted company in Dubai.

However, installing a security camera in your house or office is not so difficult. Here is a complete guide for security camera installation.

The Installation process is different for different types of security cameras. So it is crucial to select which camera you want to install on your property. Whether you want a wired or wireless camera it all depends on your security needs.

Do your research on the features of cameras to select one that is suitable and meets all your requirements. Wi-Fi and the battery-operated camera are easier to install while wired IP cameras have more stable signals on the network.

  • Prepare Tools And materials

It is important to gather all the tools and materials required for camera installation for a smooth process. Generally, the tools that are required for security camera installation include anchors, screws, cables, receivers, and power adapters. However, if you purchase an all-in-one security camera, it will come with necessary installation materials such as screws.

  • Decide A Place To Install Camera

The first and most important step for the installation of a camera is to select a proper place so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your security camera. It is better to install the camera at a high place so that it will be out of reach of the intruders.

Decide A Place To Install Camera

Moreover sets an angle that gives a wider and clear view of the place. Also, remember that the security camera should not be pointed directly towards a light source otherwise, the videos and images captured will not be clear.

  • Mount The Camera

Drill holes the screws on the wall, ceiling, or wherever you want to mount your camera. After mounting the camera on a place, point it in the right direction and position. Always make sure that it is mounted in a direction that provides the best motion detection. Also, remember to make most of your mounting hole template, it will make your security camera installation process easier.

  • Arrange Cables And Wires

The most difficult ask in installing a security camera is to run cables and wires. So, it is better to plan the route of wires in the preparation phase. Especially, when you are going to install security camera at multiple spots planning of wire routes is essential. For wires arrangement make hole using drill and push all the wires into the hole.

In this way you can protect the wires from wearing out. However, each wire has two ends one that is connected to the video recorder and the other with power supply so, you can create a single power supply for all the wires or connect them in different sockets. Once, they are connected to power supply you can see all the recordings and images on the monitor.

  • Connect And Activate Cameras

The next step after wiring of the security camera is to connect it with the recorder and monitor. Also, make sure that monitor and video recorder are connected with good power supply. It is better to connect the generator so that in case of any sudden power outrage, surveillance is not stopped.

Connect And Activate Cameras

However if you are not expert or not have any knowledge about wiring or power supplies you should hire CCTV camera installation services to make installation easy and perfect.

  • Set up Your Security Camera System

CCTV camera setup up is the last step in the installation of residential or commercial security camera. Obviously, you want to access the video cameras by computers, tablets, or smartphones. Some CCTV camera manufacturers offer desktop and app software’s, so that you can access your cameras no matter wherever you are. By installing these software and apps you can see live views, motion detection and also zoom in and zoom out whenever needed.

One last thing that you must do before saying that you are done with the security camera installation is checking all the cameras are working properly. Check that the camera is recording and moving  or not. Also, check how much area it is covering.

By following the steps mentioned in this article you can easily install a security camera in your home or office. But if you don’t have time for doing it yourself, you can hire professional from companies providing CCTV camera installation services in Dubai.

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