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The sheer hat varieties can be overwhelming for anyone. And if you are not much into fashion and style, you can feel even more confused. But the good thing is certain kinds remain popular across genders and personalities. Fedora is one of them. A pinched crown and a middle crease can be its identity. However, informed shoppers love it for its versatile and easy-to-blend traits. More precisely, you can sport this hat on different occasions in different moods without risking your fashion sense. However, you must know that fedoras also offer excellent options in brim size. Have you heard about the broader brims?

It can be pretty fun and fascinating to style this hat. You can hunt for wide brim fedora womens other than flat and narrow designs. If you are also excited about it, let’s explore what you can pair with this.

A winter coat look

You can ditch the traditional hat rules when combining your wide-brimmed fedora with a winter coat. For example, you can pair a shade of green with charcoal, the most common black with white, etc. Brown can be the thing if you don’t wish to take any risk.

Instant outfit ideas

You can imagine your look in several ways with this hat type. For example, a sweater and jeans pair well. It can lean toward a more formal vibe, but you can afford to be your casual self. And when you wear it with a pleated skirt, you can look downright cute and attractive.

Wide-brimmed Fedora hats for women

A cool denim vibe

You can take your black fedora hat with your denim top without a second thought. You can try this style during light, breezy days, or fall season. It can be fantastic to flaunt this choice on days when you feel fully confident and comfortable. So don’t forget to add this look too.

A smart-casual mix

Have you ever thought of buying an oatmeal-colored wide brim felt fedora hat? You can utilize this to complement your knitted bra top and high-waist shorts look. You can introduce a pair of slip-on instead of boots for more casual energy.

Tomboyish fun

Some women enjoy adding a tomboyish touch to their wardrobe. If you feel inspired by this idea, you can pick your black wide-brimmed fedora hat to match it with a stylish sleeveless blouse and ripped jeans. Consider rounding up this appearance with strappy heels for a twist.

Formal pleasure

Get your hands on white separates and a light blue denim jacket. You can pair your fedora hat with it for the correct dose of sophistication and modern appeal.

As you can see, fedoras with wide brims can be as versatile a headwear piece as any other design. You only have to select your attire correctly. The rest of the things will fall in place. For this, you must know your mood. However, some believe that fedoras can even transform it. Well, in that case, you can start shopping for it and other things to pull together the entire look. This hat style cannot disappoint you or your fashion goals. No matter where you go, you can attract everyone’s attention.