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The exterior doors you install create a tone for the rest of the house. People who have not been to the inside of your home judge it based on the condition of the doors. Depending on various aspects, the doors can make the property look more or less appealing.

Most homeowners understand the importance of the first impression of their homes. However, they do not know how to choose the best doors in order to add value to their home with less effort. Below are some tips on choosing the best exterior doors for your home or any other property.

Choose The Right Material

There are a lot of door materials in the market today, which can make it confusing if you do not decide on the material you want before going for the purchase. The most common materials include wood, steel, and fiberglass.

You need to consider a material that best suits your need and conditions. The steel material is a perfect choice if you want maximum security. Steel doors are also suitable for harsh weather because they are resistant to shrinking, warping, and swelling, unlike their wood counterparts.

The fiberglass material is also an ideal choice if you are looking for a material to handle extreme weather conditions. This material also comes in handy with extreme energy-saving advantages and can be painted into different colors whenever the need arises.

The wood material is the perfect option if you want to go for a style that blends with the natural environment. However, if you choose this choice, you should consider the weather condition of your area because wood is affected by harsh weather conditions.

The quality of exterior doors Toronto is a constant consideration regardless of the material you choose to install. Getting the best quality saves you the trouble of recurrence of replacement needs after a short period of time.

Features And Fixtures

After making a decision on the door material, you are required to check on the different features and fixtures. Based on your structure, you need to consider either an inswing or an outswing door.

It is advisable to choose an inswing door especially if your home is located in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions. This is because, in cases of snow build-up around the door area, it may be challenging to open an outswing door from the inside.

You should check on the door’s hardware depending on your security needs. The security hardware features include the locks, the handles, and the door strength.


The size of the exterior doors you decide to buy is very important. You should consider the size depending on the door opening on the structure.

However, adjusting the door opening is possible, but it is not always recommended because of the risk factor to the rest of the structure. It is also more costly and will take more time for the project to be complete.

If you are considering changing the door opening size, you should check the condition of the surrounding structure. If the building is old or has some point of weakness, modifying the opening could risk the building collapsing in the future or during the process.

If you want to attain more natural light inside you should consider a door with large glass panes, or you can install sidelights on your door.


The choice of color depends on factors such as the initial color of the door material and the exterior properties of your home. The door color should be matched with the color of the windows to avoid color clashing.

You need to consider whether the door you decide to buy can be repainted or you must retain the original color. Other than confirming the quality of the door, you can choose the color based on personal needs and preferences.


When choosing exterior doors Toronto, you need to consider if you need to add some specialized personal art.

Some doors are manufactured with art, while others allow you to add the art you need based on your personality.