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The type of pants you wear says a lot about you. They either look formal or entirely casual. These pants also affect the wardrobe choices you make. You can dress them up or down based on your current preference. If you are shopping for spring and have no idea what pants to get, here are a couple of ideas. They will go so well with your current wardrobe as well as the new changes you make.

High Waist Full-Length Pants

The beauty of these high waist full-length Pants is that they can be worn to the office and a casual event. They come with deep pockets, rare on women’s pants, and have flared bottoms to them. They are made from a blend of viscose and polyester, making them soft yet breathable. You can find them from small to extra-large. The particular design is found in black, which is a versatile color to use. It adds a formal connotation to the design.

Baggy Elastic Waist Wide-Leg Petite Sweatpants

One of the things many companies get wrong is elastic waist wide-leg sweatpants. Often the bottom of the pants feels so heavy, or the waistband is too tight. At AHA Selected, we noticed this issue and fixed it. The waistband is tight enough but has breathing space, so one does not have to worry about it being too much. The fabric is breathable, which helps one when it comes to wearing it outside.

The cotton is also good quality and goes a long way to ensure that it does not fade or deform. The drape is maintained even after months of washing and wearing it. The pants are found in sizes small through medium and are found in many different colors, which adds to the appeal.

High Waist Lacing Loose Mop Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are perfect if you want to look amazing and have convenient storage space for your phone and wallet. Most ladies’ clothes do not cater to style and functionality regarding pockets. The loose Mop Cargo Pants from AHASelected ensure you have both. Not only do they look classy and stylish, but the Pants are also comfortable to wear. They are made in small to medium sizes and are available in grey and black.

Types of Pants for Women to Wear in Spring

Contrast Stripe Baggy Sweatpants

If you love sporty Pants, then these baggy sweatpants will work for you. The elastic waist makes them perfect for creating a figure which rarely happens with sweatpants. You also get small side pockets perfect for your keys or phone. You can leave the legs to flare by using the drawstring to tighten it up.

Whatever your choice is, you get to choose what works for you. The cabling details by the side give these sweatpants a unique sporty look that most pants miss. You can find them in sizes from small to large, and the pants are available in three different colors.

Street Patchwork Loose Sweatpants

If you love the street look yet want a little laid back, these sweatpants are for you. Not only do they look subtle enough for streetwear, but they also come in different subtle colors. These pants come in four different sizes with different shades of patchwork. They have an elastic band on the waist to give you a figure while they drape on your body.

They also have pockets perfect for carrying a few items in. The fabric is breathable and has some elasticity, which is great if you want to get a smaller size. They look Cosy but are also perfect for the outdoors.

Vegan Leather Wide-Leg Pants

If you love leather but are also conscious about animal rights, these are the perfect pants. The wide leg adds some edge to the whole outfit and makes it perfect for wearing outdoors. The plastic waistband gives it a snug fit, and you do not have to worry about how well it will fit if you have a small frame. Since these pants come in black, they can be paired with a plain blouse and work in an office setup. The faux leather feels so real that most people confuse it with actual leather. The pants are available in sizes small through to extra large.