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Do you recall flipping through a fashion magazine and seeing your favourite celebrities look picture-perfect, even when they are stepping out for a grocery errand? Do you ever wonder if it is that easy to look stylish yet feel comfortable? If yes, then can you make a statement with your wardrobe, just as effortlessly?

The answer to such perplexing questions lies in two simple words: personal style. Your personal style is a unique way of expressing your individuality and personality. After all, how you present yourself to the world can have a significant impact on how others perceive you.

Not just that, but upgrading your personal style is a great way to enhance your confidence level and improve your self-image; thereby ensuring you create a memorable impression on the minds of people you meet.

In this article, we will explore 5 ways to create a style statement that can leave a lasting impression on others. Right from understanding your body type to spicing things up with accessories and new trends, these tips will help you create a unique personal statement that will leave everyone awestruck.

5 Ways To Create A Style Statement

1.  Understanding Your Body Type

A crucial step in upgrading your personal style is understanding your body type, so that you can decide what suits you best. This largely determines the type of clothing and styles that can accentuate your body the best. Typically, there are four body types, namely hourglass, pear, apple and straight.

In case you have an hourglass shape, your best choice would be to invest in clothing that hugs your curves and emphasises your waistline. On the other hand, for a pear shape body, A-line dresses, skirts and wide-leg pants are a great choice to flatter your figure. Bright-coloured shirts and scarves work well for this body type too, however, avoid clothing with pleats and stripes to ensure you minimise focus on the broader areas of your body.

For apple-shaped figures, flowy dresses and tops matched with high-waisted pants can help in creating the illusion of a defined waistline. Lastly, ruffle and peplum tops that create curves are an ideal choice for straight body types.

You can still look fashionable even if you are extra curvy. Avoiding baggy and saggy clothes and instead choosing tailored and comfortable clothing is a brilliant idea. In fact, several clothing brands now cater to plus sizes solely as they understand the needs of their customers.

2.  Accessorise Your Clothing

Accessorising your outfits is an excellent way to add personality and upgrade your personal style quotient. It gives you the chance to spice up your outfits by experimenting with smaller pieces like jewellery, hair accessories and handbags. A helpful tip would be to choose fashion accessories that complement the rest of your outfit and act as finishing touches.

Think of accessories as the much-needed spark and energy to your humdrum wardrobe. You can choose to complement your dress with the aegishjalmur pendant or wear chandelier earrings to stand out from the crowd. Chokers, dainty earpieces and statement necklaces are a saviour when nothing else works.

Apart from this, having neutral footwear options in your wardrobe can add the right amount of zest to your outfit. White sneakers, nude heels, brown boots and black flats are a definite must-have in your footwear collection. These can elevate your look while being fun and comfortable.

Swapping your old hair ties with a colourful silk scrunchie is a brilliant way to upgrade your hair accessories. Say goodbye to your plain old clips and try claw-shaped or embellished clutchers that are widely popular nowadays.

3.  Find Your Signature Scent

How often have you noticed that smelling good can attract people towards you? In fact, enchanting fragrances can make you feel confident, evoke memories and even influence the way others feel about you. Finding the best niche fragrance that can be your signature scent is a great place to begin with. From fruity and floral scents to woody and spicy fragrances, there is something that suits everyone.

However, there is more to it than just smelling good. Floral and fruity scents can lighten the atmosphere, reduce your stress levels and boost your morale.

A dash of fragrance can do wonders for your personality. If you are conscious of your body odour, then a light-scented perfume can help you keep your spirits lifted and smell pleasant all day.

Consider taking time to explore different scents and narrow down the ones that resonate with you. Apart from this, being mindful of the occasion and the season can help to choose the right scent to make a lasting impression.

For instance, if you are attending a formal event, an elegant and sophisticated scent would be appropriate. In the warmer seasons, you may prefer to give light and refreshing scents a try to evoke a sense of freshness.

4.  Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials

Irrespective of your personal style, stocking up on a few must-have wardrobe essentials can give you a variety of looks to try. Black is a classy and elegant colour that seldom goes wrong. Stocking up on black pants and tank tops is the quickest way to elevate a boring outfit.

Another classical clothing piece is a white blouse which never goes out of style. With white tops, you will have a range of different style ideas to experiment with. For instance, a white pencil skirt is a perfect solution for interviews or a sit-down, elegant dinner.

A gorgeous pair of black high heels can accentuate your legs and amplify your overall look. However, ensure to go for a height that is both comfortable to wear and walk around. Lastly, a staple little black dress might sound cliche but can be the most versatile and slimming piece in your wardrobe.

5.  Stay In Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself with stiletto heels or ill-fitted clothes isn’t the norm for fashion. Your truest reflection is well-displayed when you feel confident in your skin.

If you prefer wearing flats then do not beat yourself up by wearing high heels. Not only is this experience painful for your feet but you could end up stumbling too.

Ask yourself, what makes you more comfortable? Pull out your favourites from the wardrobe and stay within your comfort zone. The clothes we often gravitate towards on a regular basis largely determine our comfort.

Apart from that, identify the kind of fabrics and colours that look good on your skin. Use these pieces as a springboard when you head out for shopping the next time. When shopping for your next look, take your time by trying different outfits and seeing how well they accentuate your body. Ask yourself if the fabric feels good on the skin or if your body feels comfortable wearing it. After all, it makes no sense to buy something just to have it sit in your wardrobe.

To Sum It Up

Trusting your instincts and being comfortable in your skin is a brilliant way to upgrade your personal style. It is essential to enjoy the process and have fun while experimenting with different hues, clothing pieces and styles. After all, creating a style statement is a fun and empowering process.

Understanding your body type and personal style can help in narrowing down the best looks for you from a sea of choices. While at it, invest in quality fabric pieces that make your skin feel comfortable. Spice things up by accessorising with dainty jewellery pieces or comfortable footwear.

To complete this look, spray your signature scent and viola, you are ready to dazzle everyone around you! Remember that your personal style is a reflection of who you are so have fun and do not be afraid to express yourself!