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Over time, your home’s paint job tends to take a toll, whether interior or exterior. A new coat can give your property a fresh look and increase its overall value. We suggest you conduct a background check of the painters you hire for your property’s painting job.

Our guide is designed to equip property owners with practical advice on how to ready themselves for a successful and hassle-free house painting project in Melbourne. From selecting the right paint to factoring in the local climate, these straightforward tips will ensure a high-quality paint job.

Some of the benefits of painting your house exterior include:

Benefits of painting your house exterior

Boosts property value

One of the most common questions asked by homeowners is,’ Does painting a house exterior increase its overall value?’. Well, one of the main benefits of painting your home’s exterior is that it can give you a good ROI when you decide to sell.

A well-painted exterior not only improves the appearance of your home but also sets it apart in the market. This distinctiveness can contribute to selling your property at a higher price.

Quality exterior painting hides wall flaws and damage

Due to constant exposure to external elements, external wall paints of your home wear and tear more quickly as compared to interior paints.

High-quality exterior painting by exterior house painters can conceal cracks and imperfections. When you hire professionals, they will remove the old paint and inspect the walls for problems like water stains, cracks, mildew, mould and rotting wood. This inspection can prevent costly repairs by addressing these issues before painting.

Lower energy costs and improve indoor air quality

With cooler interiors, you won’t need to run the AC as much, which will lower your power bills. This also reduces your carbon footprint because you’ll be using less energy, which helps combat the greenhouse effect.

Extend the life of your home

A fresh coat of exterior paint can quickly transform your house. Whether you’re looking to boost its appeal before selling or just want your home to look unique, exterior painting does the job perfectly.

Cover up any damages

When painting the exterior of your Melbourne home, professional painters often uncover hidden damages. Repainting can uncover issues like mould, mildew, water stains and decaying wood that need attention.

Addressing these problems with high-quality exterior paint can make your home aesthetically pleasing as well as keep it safe.

Keep moisture out

Exterior painting helps prevent problems like moisture damage and wood rot caused by changing weather. High-quality exterior paints act as a barrier that keeps moisture out even during rainy seasons.

Extending the lifespan of siding and trim

It’s important not to overlook dirt, mildew, and other debris on your siding or trim. Exterior wall paint helps seal wood against weather and elements to prevent rot and extend lifespan.

How often should homeowners ideally repaint the exterior of their house?

How often you need to repaint your house exterior depends on factors like the type of paint, the climate and how much wear and tear your home faces. Generally, exterior surfaces should be repainted every 5 to 10 years. However, areas with a lot of sun or rain might need more frequent painting. Watch for signs like fading, peeling or damage to know when it’s time for a new coat. Hire professional house painters for best results.

How do you prepare the exterior walls for painting?

Proper preparation is key for exterior painting. Preparing for exterior house painting includes:

  1. To begin with, professional painters will clean the surface to remove dirt, debris and mildew using a high-pressure washing technique.
  2. Next, they repair any cracks and holes.
  3. Then, they apply primer to help the paint stick and ensure even coverage.

This careful approach ensures your exterior paint looks great and stands up to the weather.

How can you ensure an accurate quote for your home’s painting needs?

To get an accurate quote for your exterior painting project, you must let professional painters access your home. They will conduct a thorough pre-inspection of your home, ensuring you receive a detailed and accurate quote.

Here are some key points to professionals include while in an obligation-free quote:

  1. Surface area: They will take exact measurements of the areas to be painted, which will help them provide us with precise estimates.
  2. Current condition: They will analyse the existing condition of your home’s paint job to understand the works that need to be undertaken.
  3. Colour preferences: You need to specify your preferred paint colours or any guidelines you have in mind. This will help us create a quote that aligns with your vision for your home.
  4. Surface material: Indicate the type of materials (wood, brick, etc.) of your exterior surfaces. This affects the choice of paint and prep methods.
  5. Accessibility: The accessibility of the entire house also plays a part in forming the costs of house painting jobs. Difficult-to-reach areas require more effort and often specialised tools.

By providing these details and allowing professional painters to assess your property, you’re ensuring a quote that’s tailored to match the scope of the work and your project goals.

Take Away

Preparing your Melbourne home for an excellent paint job takes careful planning and attention to detail. By following these expert tips and tricks, you can ensure a successful and worry-free house painting project that enhances the look and value of your property. Each step, from evaluating your home’s exterior and choosing the right paint to considering Melbourne’s weather and maintaining the paint is essential for achieving a professional finish.