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Appliances are home essentials that help to make doing chores easier around the home, as well as make life comfortable for homeowners. But oftentimes, they may develop a fault and would need a repair or total replacement. For some appliances and faults, a simple DIY repair would be enough to get it working smoothly again. But in some cases, the faults may be more technical and would require more than a DIY repair. For some basic knowledge about appliances, you can learn more with our online appliance store.

In the meantime, if your appliances have developed a fault, you may need to call an appliance service company to look into the matter. This article would help you know what a service call may likely cost you.

What is a Service Call

A service call, also known as a trip charge, is a service rendered by a repairman to homeowners or business owners with faulty appliances that need to be examined or diagnosed.

Most service companies charge a fee for a service call before sending a technician to your home to look at your faulty appliance. The service call fee typically covers two fees. First, the trip charge covers the mileage cost (which includes the cost of fuel and how much time it takes to get to your home), and all vehicle-related expenses. The second fee is the service fee which covers the cost of the service itself.

It’s important to know that some service companies may not include the cost of their service in the service call fee. So, be sure to find out from the company if they charge for their service separately to avoid paying beyond what you intended.

What is The Cost of a Service Call

Several factors can influence the cost of a service call. So, while we can’t tell you precisely what it costs, we can let you know what can determine the cost.


The amount you pay for a service call depends to a great extent on the area where you stay, whether rural, urban, or suburban. As expected, larger metropolitan areas with a high cost of living would have higher service call fees.

For instance, in the US, cities such as California and New York have higher service call fees when compared to other parts of the country.

The Service Company

Different service companies may have. different quotes for their service call fee. Some things that may affect their quote include their level of experience, the skill of their technicians, and the time it takes to render the service.

The Type of Appliance

Appliances do not always have the same repair cost. Because they have different parts and different mechanisms, some appliances are easier to fix and may cost lower than others. Below, we will provide an estimate for the typical repair cost and average repair cost of some common home appliances.

  • Cooktop

The typical cost of repairing a cooktop/range can be between $100 to $430, while the average repair cost may be around $250.

  • Dishwasher

The cost of repairing a dishwasher may range between $100–$300, while the average cost may be around $220.

  • Microwave

The starting cost for repairing a microwave is about $50. They are among the cheapest appliances to fix, although newer and more advanced models can cost up to $400 for repairs.

  • Refrigerator

Refrigerators can be one of the most expensive appliances to fix, depending on the fault. For more serious faults with refrigerators, the typical repair cost may range between $200–$500, while the average cost may be around $400.

  • Washer/Dryer

Similar to refrigerators, washers/dryers can be expensive to fix, costing between $100–$650 depending on the fault.

What to Consider Before Making a Service Call

While it’s important to consider prices when making a service call for appliance repair, there are two other important things to consider.

  • Experience

Since most appliances now deal with electricity, water, and gas, a little mistake can result in serious accidents and even loss of life. So, it’s best to work with service companies that have enough experience to get the job done well.

  • Insurance

When working with any company at all, insurance is one of the things to look out for. Unexpected things happen sometimes, so if anything goes wrong, you would be assured that damages and losses will be covered.

To say the least, when making a service call, there isn’t a specific amount you should pay; it all depends on several factors, your location, the company you choose to call, the type of equipment, and the level of the fault. You can choose to compare prices from different companies and find one that is more favorable to you. However, do not forget to check if they have reasonable experience and their insurance as well.