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Each woman who knows her style definitely understands that heels are an essential style choice. They uplift your heels, provide your legs with a slight outline, and make you appear your best in any outfit. Still, the fact is that putting on heels the whole day creates uneasiness and pain. Nevertheless, with appropriate knowledge of the different heels and how to find the best type to match your feet, wearing them all day will no more be a problem! To select women’s heels, you must consider both occasion and style.

Here, we have discussed different types of high heels and tips to find the best type that goes with your feet and style sense.

Different Types of Women’s Heels to Wear

  1. Pumps are one of the most easy-to-wear heels in the workplace. With a traditional, attractive design, pumps can be worn 24/7. They are also good to wear for both formal and casual occasions. You can get a nude or black pair to match your work clothes or mix those with jeans or a cocktail dress for casual parties. Here are the cocktail dresses for hire near me.
  2. Kitten heels are thin heels and under three inches in height. These high heels are best for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing high heels or tall women who wish to wear heels regardless of their height. This unique style comes in many designs that can be worn according to the occasion. A pair of plain kitten heels appear good with a pantsuit at the workplace, and a radiantly coloured with bows can be matched with a sundress for an enjoying day out.
  3. As long as women’s heels make your complete silhouette appearance completely adorable, standard high heels are not just comfortable. Wedge heels and sandals are the most typical types of wedge shoes. They are more convenient than other types of high heels as their soles give a more even weight allocation. Wedges look best when matched with skirts, dresses, or jeans for a considerable casual appearance.

How to Select High Heels for Women As Per Feet Shape?

The technique for wearing high heels comfortably all day long is to select the best one as per the shape of your feet.

1. For broader feet

If you have broad feet, it is good to try walking all over in the shoes before purchasing them. This is due to broad feet tending to diversify when you step down. If you cuddle your feet into the incorrect footwear, you may feel the huge pressure on your toes and, therefore, get dull. The best heels for broad feet are the open-toed ones, which provide more space at the front of your feet. Choose elastics or flexible buckles for the best fit for strappy heel types.

2. For flat or low arched feet

Women with low arched or flat feet don’t have a specific arch at the base of their feet, and it often ends in a painful side effect because of plantar fasciitis, where the joint tissue at the base of the foot becomes incited. They are also more inclined to blisters. Therefore, the best flat-foot heels are kitten heels with routine orthotic attachments. Also, search for rounded toe options to ignore blisters.

3. For high arched feet

In diversity to low arched or flat feet, high arched signify that the foot’s mid part does not fully touch the ground. Therefore, the outer side and the orbs of the feet will get excess pressure, with inadequate shock retention for the feet. So, the best heels for high arched feet are higher heels, which will assist in a more suitable lift for the foot, and, when matched with corked and rubber heels, will give more satisfactory shock absorption. Yet, make sure that the women’s heels are no more than four inches to stop sprains.


Women’s heels are recognized to create uneasiness and pain in the ankle at times, but to prevent discomfort, you can buy a pair that goes with all your requirements.  Heels nz can make your experience good according to your shape and height. So, show your feminine side with the most beautiful collection of heels at NovoShoes NZ.